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Press Releases

  • Installation of Tonga Cable Limited Domestic Cable is Complete

    Jan 15, 2018

    Installation of Tonga Cable Limited Domestic Cable is Complete OSI continues our support of Tonga Cable Limited’s subsea cable projects, which initially included the international cable and now includes TCLs domestic extension as well. Installation of the domestic cable to Ha’apai and Vava’u was successfully completed on Jan 10, with testing and commissioning planned for the coming weeks. Congratulations TCL Team!!!!

  • CSA Ocean Sciences Expands Trinidad and Tobago Operations

    Jan 9, 2018

    CSA Ocean Sciences Expands Trinidad and Tobago Operations CSA Ocean Sciences Inc. (CSA) is pleased to announce the expansion of its operations in Trinidad and Tobago. CSA Ocean Sciences (Trinidad) Limited, will be led by Ms. Candice Leung Chee, Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Carlyle Kalloo, Director, and Mr. Rameez Persad, Operations Manager. The expanded executive team brings decades of collective experience in the field of marine operations and environmental impact assessment associated with coastal and offshore projects. The newly formed Trinidadian Limited entity will draw on over 40 years of experience in Trinidad (first project in 1977) and CSA’s Trinidadian Branch office established in 2008. The ongoing collaboration with marine scientists, operations personnel and equipment from CSA’s worldwide offices will ensure the transfer and use of international best practices in HSSE, marine operations and environmental sciences to the benefit of all clients in Trinidad, the Caribbean and surrounding regions.CSA Ocean Sciences (Trinidad) Limited will continue to provide high-quality[…]

  • Quintillion Fiber System Ready for Service

    Dec 14, 2017

    Commercial and consumer service ready for launch in five northern Alaska communitiesQuintillion announced that testing is complete and its subsea fiber optic cable system will be launched in five northern Alaska communities on December 1. Quintillion is a bandwidth services provider and expects its customers to be live shortly thereafter, enabling high speed broadband capability to consumers and businesses in these communities. Crews completed installation of the Alaska Arctic portion of the international Quintillion Subsea Cable System in early October. The system performed flawlessly during test mode and will now be made available to service providers in Utqiaġvik, Wainwright, Point Hope, Nome and Kotzebue, enabling 21st century communications in the Alaska Arctic for the first time.

  • Quintillion Completes Installation of Historic Alaska Subsea Fiber Optic Cable System

    Oct 26, 2017

    System brings high-speed internet to five northern Alaska communitiesCrews aboard the Alcatel Submarine Networks C/V Ile de Batz installed the last segment of cable beneath the ocean floor, completing physical installation of the Alaska portion of the international Quintillion Subsea Cable System. The system is on schedule to be in service this December, enabling 21st Century communications in the North American Arctic for the first time. 

  • CSA Ocean Sciences and Okeanus Stage Emergency Response Survey Resources

    Aug 29, 2017

    CSA Ocean Sciences and Okeanus Stage Emergency Response Survey Resources CSA Ocean Sciences Inc. (CSA) and Okeanus Science & Technology announced today they are working together to stage a full-range of specialized survey and monitoring equipment in Louisiana to deploy in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Harvey to help evaluate the storm’s impact on coast lines, waterways, bayous, ship channels and terminals, marine infrastructure, and oil and gas related facilities located on or near the water.

  • Seagrass Enhancement Project in North Carolina Underway

    Aug 28, 2017

    Seagrass Enhancement Project in North Carolina Underway Contracted by the State of North Carolina Department of Transportation(NCDOT), CSA Ocean Sciences Inc. (CSA) is conducting a novel seagrass enhancement project by manipulating wind wave energy to provide new and sustained seagrass acreage in anticipation of unavoidable impacts, creating essentially an open-water “living shoreline,” although in the absence of an actual shore. The Bonner Bridge, which connects Hatteras and Bodie islands at the Oregon Inlet—a lifeline for tourism and tropical storm evacuation of the North Carolina outer banks—has reached its engineering limits and is being replaced. The potential seagrass impact estimated from the new bridge installation required the recovery of no less than 1.28 acres of highly productive seagrasses, interspersed with widgeon grass. In January, Cape Dredging Company, under contract to CSA, completed installation of the Reefmaker wave attenuation units in coordination with the manufacturer, Atlantic Reefmaker.