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Continental Shelf Associates, Inc. (CSA) is a multidisciplinary U.S. corporation established in 1970.

Dedicated to the ocean industry worldwide, it services the offshore oil & gas, submarine telecom, and scientific markets as well as Federal, State, and local governments. The following are wholly owned subsidiaries under the CSA Group umbrella.


8502 SW Kansas Ave.,
Stuart, FL - 34997
United States.

Tel : 772-219-3000
Fax : 772-219-3010
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Years of Excellence
CSA Ocean Sciences Inc.

CSA Ocean Sciences Inc.

CSA specializes in multidisciplinary projects concerning potential environmental impacts of activities throughout the world.

Ocean Specialists, Inc.

Ocean Specialists, Inc.

OSI is a leading subsea cable consulting and advisory firm for telecommunications network solutions.

Technology Systems Corp.

Technology Systems Corp.

TSC provides focused print, digital, and electronic media and market intelligence to the ocean and offshore industries.

Continental Shelf Inv. Capital

Continental Shelf Inv. Capital

Continental Shelf Investment Capital Corp. (CSIC) invests in growth companies in the coastal, ocean, and subsea industry.

Mission Statement

Continental Shelf Associates, Inc. is committed to creating and maintaining a company and corporate culture governed by safe and environmentally-sound practices, known both internally and externally for honesty, integrity, and reliability in relationships with customers, employees, suppliers, and shareholders. CSA strives to create value for all that are employed by or have business dealings with the company.

Continental Shelf Associates, Inc. specializes in the ocean industry by applying science, information, and technology in support of the offshore, coastal, and underwater markets around the world. CSA achieves excellence by attracting top individuals in their fields and then creating incentives and providing support to enable those individuals to reach their full potential.

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Continental Shelf Associates, Inc.
8502 SW Kansas Ave
Stuart, Florida USA

Corporate Headquarters

8502 SW Kansas Ave.
Stuart, FL 34997