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Continental Shelf Associates, Inc. Holdings Overview

continental shelf associates, inc. earthContinental Shelf Associates, Inc. (CSA) is a multidisciplinary U.S. corporation established in 1970. Dedicated to the ocean industry worldwide, it services the offshore oil & gas, submarine telecom, and scientific markets as well as Federal, State, and local governments. The following are wholly owned subsidiaries under the CSA Group umbrella.

Our Subsidiaries

CSA Ocean Sciences Inc.

csaocean-logo-thCSA specializes in marine sciences and services, with markets & services focusing on the following industries:

flag-brazil CSA Ciências Oceânicas – Our Brazilian office headquarters - www.csaco.com.br

Technology Systems Corporation

tsc-logo-thTechnology Systems Corporations (TSC) is a business-to-business media company and conference organizer that provides focused print, digital, and electronic media, research, market intelligence, and information services in addition to focused, strategic marketing services to the diverse oceans and offshore industries.


Industry Analysis/Research

Strategic Marketing Services

Ocean Specialists, Inc.

osi-logo-thOcean Specialists, Inc. (OSI) provides services to clients in the ocean industry ranging from project consulting for development of offshore telecommunications systems and undersea technology to corporate management and marketing services. OSI’s clients range from oil and gas producers to telecommunications providers, as well as government and scientific interests.

Continental Shelf Investment Capital Inc.

csa investment capitalContinental Shelf Investment Capital Inc. (CSIC) is focused on investment of the group's capital into Coastal, Ocean, Subsea, and Marine related businesses throughout the world. CSAI's extensive international network in the Ocean and Marine markets provides a unique and comprehensive capability for the development of new businesses and the growth of existing companies in the following fields: